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Alejandro Peraza is a native of Los Angeles and second generation in the family business of fashion. It began at a tender age while sewing on his parent's machines and began his career as a fashion stylist right out of high school.

Alejandro's inate ability to spot fashions latest trends and know what works for each client has made him a favorite of top celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Josh Duhamel, Jessica Simpson, Courtney Cox, and Robert Downey Jr and with top photographers such as Norman Jean Roy, James White, Frank Ockenfels 3, Tony Duran and Melvin Sokolsky. His work has appeared in the pages of Elle, Genlux, Flaunt, Interview and Vogue to name a few, and in international ad campaigns for the likes of Toyota, Heineken, Anheuser Buszch, Nike, Nordstrom, Amazon and Moet & Chandon. Alejandro’s extensive knowledge of tailoring and his ability to design/alter a dress on-the-spot set him apart every time and continue to keep him in high demand with clients.

Alejandro feels the best part of his career is the connection and joy he experiences on every collaboration. To him, every client is an A-List client

Photo by Nicholas Horne



Triple mondrain dress copy

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GenLux CoverApril2012

GenLux gold

LIberty Ross TearSheet

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Red Carpet


IMG 0806

ronda expendables

ronda copy

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